Friday, March 11, 2005

State Investment

I just put some money in the State Investment Program. They have realistic, but still attractive plans and one can choose how much of your interest goes to compounding. I joined their starter plan, which should provide me 2.50 percent daily interest for one year. I set compounding to 15%, so I still get good payouts, but at the same time build up my deposit.

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Mozanbiqueinvest crashed

Now I too have witnessed a HYIP going down. That's what it's about when I say it's a risky business. I invested in Mozanbiqueinvest on 2/23/05. They were supposed to pay 20% daily for 10 days, so I would have effectively doubled my money. For six days, they paid very well directly to my e-Gold account, but then the payments ceased. I was going to check their website today and found it erased. So guess they are gone. At least I was lucky to be in there for 6 days, which means I got my investment back and even made a win of 20%. Good enough!

Wednesday, March 02, 2005 paid me a second time

I just checked my e-Gold account, and found out that paid me a second time. So they managed to pay me 170% of my original investment after only one week twice. Quite impressive. I still think it's gambling though, so I won't try my luck a third time. Sometimes, you just have to listen to your stomach and know when to stop.

Monday, February 28, 2005

Too good to be true? Use some common sense when investing

We all know HYIPs are risky business. Many of the programs are plain scams, but if you keep a little common sense, it is well possible to make some more than decent profits. Sometimes though, greed simply overcomes common sense.
For example, I recently stumbled over These people claim to return 170% of investment after one week on their program. The profits are said to be made with forex trading. They even have platinum and vip plans, which claim to return 310% or 400% after one week. Yes, they say to quadruple your money in one week. Nobody in his right mind would believe that stuff, allthough the website looks rather legit. So I was not surprised when I read about some serious problems people had with this problem. Surprise, surprise. I was curious anyway if they ever pay back at all, and recently put the minimum investment of $10 there. One week later, I found a payback of $17 in my E-Gold account. So at least this time, they held up to their claims. I did a second investment five days ago and I'm very curious if they will pay as promised again. Dealing with that kind of programs is like gambling. One can win, but should not be surprised to lose their investment. I would never put any serious amount of money with a program like that.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

No Minimum Deposit Forex HYIP

I just found out about the investment program of Patrick Johnson. Patrick is a professional FOREX trader and his program is unique in several ways. First, there is no minimum deposit, so it is possible to invest a single cent, even if that would not make much sense. Then you have the opportunity to withdraw your money any time. With most programs you must invest for a week or longer. And inside your account you check your current deposit in real time.
Patrick appears to be honest, and his promised 1.7% per day look good to me. With that, one roughly doubles the deposit in 40 days. Since there is no minimum to invest, there is very little risk, and I just made a small deposit to try how well it works. Payments are in e-Gold or e-Bullion.

Global Mutual investment program

I just put $100 worth of e-Gold in the Global Mutual investment program. This program has a very good reputation, and from what I can tell is very promising. Global Mutual is a venture finance program, which invests in the marketing of a special mortgage product for the australian market. The minimum investment here is $10, and they offer weekly profits ranging from 4% ($10-$50 deposit) up to 5.25% ($5,000 - $10,000) in their classic plans. They also offer a great range of payment methods for making a deposit, including Paypal and MoneyBookers, but I chose to go with the usual e-Gold funding. I have a good feeling with this one and think they are there to stay.

The E-Gold Payment System

There are several gold based virtual currencies, but E-Gold is by far the most popular of these. The company behind this system is e-gold Ltd., a Nevis corporation. All e-Gold in circulation is backed by real physical gold bullion in allocated storage. Other than non virtual currency E-Gold's value is very stable, as it is directly linked to the value of gold. E-gold Ltd also issues other e-Metals such as e-palladium or e-platinum, but those are not that popular and not widely accepted.
To do business with e-Gold you must first create a free account at their website. You then get an online depot to store your virtual gold in. There is no direct way to buy e-Gold for your depot though. The easiest way to get some gold inside your account is to buy it from someone who allready got it and can transfer it to your depot. If you don't know any owners of e-Gold, you might check out E-Forexgold, which offers the possibility to buy and exchange several e-currencies including e-gold, Osgold, GoldMoney, Strandard Reserve, E-Bullion, EVOcash and Technocash by wire transfer or direct cash deposit from many countries.

About HYIP and Gold Investment

E-Gold and other gold backed virtual currencies like e-Bullion or IntGold are an excellent way of doing E-Commerce without the need for a credit card and in an anonymous way. So it's no wonder that soon investors discovered the potential of this technology and started building investment programs around these currencies. These programs, called High Yield Investment Programs, usually offer big profits. There are even people who quit their day job in favor of these programs. However, there is a potential market for scammers too, so it is important to research which programs to invest your money in.
On this site, I will report on my own findings which HYIPs are worth putting your gold and money into, and which seem to be scams. I will also occasionally provide background information for the beginner in this business, to help people make educated decisions on their investments. This can not, however, substitute your own research. Allways have a close look where you put your money, and never invest more than you could risk to loose.