Monday, February 28, 2005

Too good to be true? Use some common sense when investing

We all know HYIPs are risky business. Many of the programs are plain scams, but if you keep a little common sense, it is well possible to make some more than decent profits. Sometimes though, greed simply overcomes common sense.
For example, I recently stumbled over These people claim to return 170% of investment after one week on their program. The profits are said to be made with forex trading. They even have platinum and vip plans, which claim to return 310% or 400% after one week. Yes, they say to quadruple your money in one week. Nobody in his right mind would believe that stuff, allthough the website looks rather legit. So I was not surprised when I read about some serious problems people had with this problem. Surprise, surprise. I was curious anyway if they ever pay back at all, and recently put the minimum investment of $10 there. One week later, I found a payback of $17 in my E-Gold account. So at least this time, they held up to their claims. I did a second investment five days ago and I'm very curious if they will pay as promised again. Dealing with that kind of programs is like gambling. One can win, but should not be surprised to lose their investment. I would never put any serious amount of money with a program like that.


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